Quality and productivity

The investments made in recent years both in web offset printing machinery inventory as well as in prepress processes allow us to print products with print runs of only 3,000 copies without compromising quality or productivity. Such as the realisation of quality products of significant volume and in a record time. In addition, we joined the integration of the binding process, we are able to print and bind in rustic mill, pure and staple in just 24 hours from start to finish, products from 3,000 to 40,000 copies, provided that the job is composed of a document of at least 16 and 32 pages.

We have 3 rotating, 2 of 16 pages in format 96 X 63 cms with 4 bodies and 1 of 32 pages with 4 bodies format 96,5 X 126 cms.
All of them are equipped with a densitometric control system, which results in less paper waste and faster changes, as well as a module to control the quality of the printing process on the spot.