About Monterreina

About us

Monterreina opened its doors in 1954, with a clear objective, that of serving its customers by offering them the best products and the best quality for its printing.

We have always wanted to anticipate the needs of our customers, and to do this, our company policy is based on having the most efficient and modern facilities possible, constantly renewing our fleet of machines, to integrate state-of-the-art technologies, to constantly train our staff and to adopt optimized production models that respect the environment.

Thus, through our daily work guided by clear and well-defined objectives, we have managed to become a reference company in the graphic sector, able to offer the best product in the shortest possible time and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

At Monterreina, we strive to meet the needs of all our customers, which allows us to offer flatbed offset, reel offset and digital printing solutions … But we do not just print¡

We have always opted for the finished product, and we also have in our factory the most modern and efficient binding systems; paperback/pure, paperback/thread, paperback/staple. Our professionalism helps us to grow, the list of countries where we export is growing and our professional prestige accompanies us beyond our borders, with loyal customers in France, Germany, Italy, England, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Morocco…

We want to continue on this path and continue to offer solutions in line with the times… We have always sought to close all the stages and this is how our 306º concept was born.

The year 1954, although far behind us, is still omnipresent; it defined the objectives of yesteryear, and still defines those of today: better productivity, permanent investment, innovation and avant-garde in the service of total quality are the objectives that accompany us on a daily basis.


Solid philosophy of a clear vocation, offering the best products and providing the highest quality in its printed matter.


The improvement of productivity, continuous investment, innovation and avant-garde together with the highest quality are the objectives that will accompany us every day.