Environmental Awareness

Monterreina is committed to sustainability

Monterreina has always undertaken environmental management as a priority in its production process. Given that we assume environmental responsibility in our daily work we have managed to position our company as an environmental leader within the graphic arts sector.

In recent years we have achieved an optimal internal management of generated waste thanks to the installation of a clean point inside our facilities. In addition, the workforce possesses good training and environmental awareness, which allows for good separation and labeling of all waste products, thereby complying with current legislation. In regard to remaining environmental obligations, Monterreina has all relevant procedures up-to-date.

  • Atmospheric emissions: we have atmospheric authorization and measurements are taken periodically.
  • Contaminated soil: the Administration has a certificate of environmental impact compliance.
  • Discharge: authorization of discharge is held by the Administration.
  • Waste: all waste is managed by authorized managers of the Community of Madrid.
  • Noise pollution: in 2017 environmental noise control was carried out by OCA, complying with emission limit values at all times.
  • Packaging: containers placed in the market are declared annually and comply with Law 11/1997, through the “Annual Declaration of Containers and Packaging Waste”.
  • Use of vegetable-based inks to ensure the highest quality in a sustainable way.