Digital Printing

Digital Printing



We can be highly competitive for short print runs and provide very high quality with our HP INDIGO:


Find here below our new strongest points: 


-We are now open to short print runs

-Paper format 33x48

-page format 32x45

-Very high printing quality

-Grammages from 80 up to 350 gms and large variety of papers (Special texture papers, metalized papers, tranparent plastic, adhesive papers, mirror papers, etc.)

-No need to add varnish

-Personalized copies at low prices with database


Infinite Possibilities:


-Magazines, books, leaflets, brochures, catalogues....




We have also added binding machines to the digital stage:

-saddle-stitched (perfect bound also available)

-PUR binding

-Lamination (gloss, matt, 1 o 2 sides)

-2 folding machines (disptychs, triptychs, zigzag, etc.)

-Trim machine